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Last night’s ‘Basketball Wives’ began with Evelyn discussing the domestic violence situation with estranged husband Chad Johnson. Tongues are wagging with her revealing she wants to go to therapy to discuss their situation and a recently taken picture of the couple holding hands was revealed.

Suzie thinks it’s a bad idea, bringing it to the table in a discussion with Tasha. Seems like Suzie is never gonna figure out when to stop talking. Her penchant for gossiping and talking about people behind their back has made more problems for her than it has friends.

We can’t forget to mention the massive fail that was the launch of Tasha’s ‘Celebrity Sew-In’s. She showed up for her own so-called ‘celebrity’ business launch two hours late and the only ‘celebrities’ there were the ladies from ‘Basketball Wives’…and what in the world was up with that mascot, ‘Big Diva’…? LAWD. A ‘weave bar’? Tasha showed up TWO HOURS late and the ladies had had ENOUGH, making their way to the exit before Tasha had even arrived.

The spirit of ‘gettin outta Dodge’ carried over into Shaunie’s birthday party with many of the ladies making a hasty exit before the festivities got into full swing. Shaunie was definitely saucy about THAT, y’all.

Does anyone else feel like it’s just a matter of time for Tami GOES OFF? It’s about to get SPICY!

Source: VH1