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We’re getting ready for another JAMMIN Friday night on the station! Rusty Redenbacher is about to shake up the airwaves with ‘CLUB 106.7’, the most interactive mixshow on the radio! Make sure you’re following us at @1067WTLC on Twitter  to make your requests and keep up with the playlists!

We get into the groove and the mood by talking about the music and the memories. We wanted to share something from back in the day that blew a lotta people’s minds and brought on the good times.

Check out our man, Turbo a.k.a. ‘Boogaloo Shrimp’ in this classic scene from ‘Breakin’! Man, when he came out with the broom and started poppin, some jaws hit the floor. (Sure, you can see the wires now that you’re looking for them, but Turbo was JAMMIN!)


Tune into ‘CLUB 106.7’ every Friday night from 9-midnight. If you’re looking for some ‘perfect beats’, we got em!