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Now that Tamar was free from hiding her pregnancy, she was able to return to her normal life without covering her growing belly. On the latest episode of “Tamar & Vince”, the couple was still prepping for the arrival of baby Logan. That meant shopping, building a nursery, taking parenting classes and teaching Tamar how to deal with pain. As if preparing for a new baby wasn’t enough stress already, Tamar and Vince were moving into a new house and Tamar had about 2,973 pairs of shoes that needed to be organized into her new closet (which by the way was breathtaking).

In addition to everything else on the couple’s agenda, Tamar had to make an appearance on an award show and was worried about being pregnant but still looking sexy on the red carpet. Find out what happened below.

Parenting Classes

Tamar and Vince were preparing for the arrival of their first child, baby Logan, but oddly enough didn’t know a thing about taking care of a baby. At least Tamar had the opportunity to be an auntie to all of her sister’s babies but Vince on the other hand didn’t have one parenting bone in his body. The man hadn’t even changed a diaper or seen “The Lion King” in his entire life! Come on, Vince. Where have you been?! Tamar thought it would be wise for the couple to take parenting classes together to try and learn what they could about parenting before the baby’s arrival. When the instructor was explaining how wide Tamar’s cervix would dilate during labor, Vince was in disbelief at how much the ‘poonani’ could stretch!

Parenting classes weren’t the only thing on the couple’s agenda for baby prep, they also had to do Tamar’s favorite pastime: shopping. Since we’re dealing with a celebrity couple, baby shopping didn’t consist of Babies R Us and OshKosh B’Gosh. Baby shopping for Tamar and Vince meant Fendi, Prada and Gucci! It looked like Logan was going to be one fly baby!

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