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After reaching her claim to fame as one-third of the Grammy-nominated group City High and then falling on extreme hard times, Claudette Ortiz’s story is definitely an inspiration to anyone trying to find their way back.

As most of us know, City High broke up years back and things then went downhill for Ortiz. But now as a star of the TV One series “R&B Divas: L.A.,” she is getting a second chance at stardom and an opportunity to tell her story.

Through her failed marriage, domestic abuse, and single motherhood, she is picking up the pieces and moving forward. During her interview with Singersroom, Ortiz makes it clear that it was her inner-strength that helped her make it to this new chapter in her life where is able to make new music, find new opportunities and be happy.

Singersroom: How are you and your family adjusting to life in Los Angeles?

Claudette Ortiz: My children adjusted very well. As a mom, I’m still trying to maintain things and make sure that it stays that way, so it’s still a little bit of a struggle but it’s way better than what it used to be, and I’m very thankful.

Singersroom: How have your experiences being at the top of the music game in City High and your personal struggles made you stronger?

Ortiz: I was a little girl when City High came out and I wasn’t really aware of the success that we had because we were working during that time a lot, and we had no cell phones or anything like that, so we were just working; I didn’t know if we were doing well or not. But I had just started my adulthood at that time so from 18, 19, 20, those three years of being in the business, it felt like forever and I learned a lot. And I had my first child at 21, and from then until now, I’ve been married, divorced, I’ve tried all kinds of different things; tried to start my own businesses, real estate and all kinds of things like that; gained friends, lost friends. I went through anything that anyone in their twenties would go through as well as have my struggles and had people talk about me and been scrutinized over the internet, so it definitely has made me stronger.

Singersroom: Has the “Not Your Mama’s Monologues” debuted yet?

Ortiz: Yeah, we performed it and filmed it already; you know they have to edit and fit it into a one hour episode.

Singersroom: Has the process been therapeutic for you?

Ortiz: While I was doing it I didn’t think it was, but after I performed it I did get a little emotional and it did end up being therapeutic.

Read more of the interview at Singersroom.

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