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Here are some rules about being romantic and looking after a relationship with a romantic man.

If you want love, you’ve got to “unbusy” yourself.

Because love is something that we all crave, want and desire. And if you crave, want and desire love, you’ve got to stop being so busy and take that time out. It’s a phone call. These aren’t the days when we had to go to a pay phone.

So you want a man to remain romantic, and you want a man to continue to chase and pursue you; you’ve got to thank him for his actions, because a relationship is all about encouragement. “Thank you so much for sending flowers, you’re amazing.” That’s all you need to say!

Men are more sensitive than you imagine.  We want to open up to you.  And if you want us to come out of that man cave you’ve got to encourage us out a little more every single day.