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The mind is very powerful.  Statistics show that we process approximately 40,000 thoughts per minute.  Our thoughts consist of energy, and when we focus our energy toward a negative force, we invite negativity into our lives.  Following are steps in helping to overcome negative thinking so that you can have a more abundantly fulfilling life!

1-      Uncover all the unresolved emotional issues that live in your Spirit.  Work to get those emotions resolved and closed.  If you still harbor resentment or anger toward a person or a situation, forgive the person and then forgive yourself.  Prayer, meditation, and visualization can help with this step.

 2-      Always be conscious of what you’re thinking.  To help with this, wear a rubber band around your wrist so that when negative thoughts creep into your head, you can snap the rubber band against your wrist and think to yourself “SNAP OUT OF IT!”   This is a great method for controlling your thoughts.

 3-      Try not to be hard on yourself.  If you forget something or make a mistake, it’s ok.  Don’t practice negative self talk in your head.  If you make a mistake, tell yourself “I’ll do better next time” instead of “why did you do it wrong?”    We have full control over our thoughts, and if we’re aware of what we’re thinking at all times, we can better focus on what is helpful to our subconscious vs. what is negative.

 4-      Practice visualization at least 3 times per week.  Sit down in a quiet place and close your eyes.  Visualize yourself in a positive happy atmosphere.  Whatever it is your anxious or tensed about, envision the situation improved.  Envision yourself as a happy person accepting the blessings that your Spiritual Guide has brought to your life.

 5-      Every morning, look in the mirror and say ALOUD a positive affirmation to yourself.  You can say ‘I’M BEAUTIFUL!’ or “I’M SUCCESSFUL IN ALL THAT I DO”, or whatever you choose to say.  Your subconscious can be reprogrammed if you stick with this method each and every day.  It takes approximately 3 to 6 months to re-program your thoughts onto a positive wavelength.

 6-      Be patient and STICK WITH IT!


© Article written by:  C. Holloway Hill



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