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A CBS news affiliate in Nashville was on the scene at the Metro Courthouse investigating what they described as one of the most expensive child support cases they’d ever seen. What they found was internet gold.

33-year-old Orlando Shaw has 22 children by 14 different women (though in the video he only seems to remember 18 children). He’s got no job and no means to pay his child support. When asked how he plans on taking care of his children financially in the future he responds, ”I play the hell out of the Tennessee lottery. I literally do, I play the number tickets, the scratch offs.” But the weirdest thing about Orlando Shaw is that despite his obvious dead-beat dad status, he’s somehow completely likable.

During the four minute interview with CBS News Channel 5, Shaw drops amazing line after amazing line as he describes his life, his children, his criminal record, and his motto.

To be honest with you, don’t nothing come to a dreamer, but….(long pause) a dream. – Orlando Shaw