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Comedian D.L. Hughley went out joking, giving advice to the judges on how to improve their dancing as he departed on this week’s DWTS elimination show.

Cheryl Burke, Hughley’s partner, said they expected to go home every week and she was proud of making it halfway through the competition.

“I mean, the judges didn’t help us at all. Just to be able to dance for the fans and to work hard for them because they obviously believe in him and want him to do well — that’s what it was all about,” Burke told EW after the show.

Hughley said he felt like he had given it all he had to give.

“My heart is very sad but my knees are happy as hell,” he laughed. “I think we took the ride as long as we could. The days were getting longer…”

He said he felt very out of place on the DWTS stage, and knew that dancing wasn’t his true calling.

“It’s hard to be this bad for this long at something,” he said. “I remember I was on stage Friday and people were laughing and clapping and I was like ‘Oh, this is who I am!’ I feel like I forgot who I was.”

Hughley is ready to get back to work on a sitcom that’s in the beginning stages, and will be accepting a Peabody for his work on a documentary called The Endangered List. He also has some plans for his personal life.

“Her [Burke’s] mother is spectacular and now that this is over, that begins,” he suggested while looking at Cheryl, who backed away. “Just call me papa.”