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Michael Vick owns a dog.

Because he owns a dog, he is doing things some dog owners do. Philadelphia sports blog Crossing Broad received a tip that Vick has been attending dog training classes at a PetSmart store in New Jersey.

The site posted photos which show Vick posing with a store attendant and engaged in a class of some kind with his dog.


Because of Vick’s checkered past – a past he’s told us and scores of media outlets he wants to put behind him – Vick’s dealings with his pet are under a bit of a microscope.

And then there’s the fact he’s an NFL quarterback.

Last October, Vick inadvertently revealed he was a dog owner with one late night tweet. The tweet included a picture which appeared to show a box of dog treats on his kitchen table. The Pro-Bowler quickly deleted the picture and replaced it with one that cropped out the dog treats.

Except Crossing Broad captured the original.

A week later, Vick confirmed he was a dog owner.

In an e-mailed statement to theGrio, PetSmart Public Relations confirmed Vick does have his “pet enrolled in PetSmart Training classes.”

The statement continues:

“Our goal is to support pet parents and their pets to live happy and healthy lives.  Services like dog training strengthen the bond between pet parents and their pets and contribute to accomplishing this goal through educating the pet parent and providing positive reinforcement training for the dog.”

Source: The Grio