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A wedding gift for a friend’s daughter. A donation to his college fraternity’s foundation. A trip on the corporate jet for his grandson. Wining and dining a mistress.

The personal expenses were many and varied and had one thing in common:

Don Marsh managed to get Marsh Supermarkets to pick up the tab for all of them while he was its CEO.

The former head of the Indianapolis grocery chain came under seven hours of questioning Tuesday from a company attorney trying to prove to a federal jury its claim that Don Marsh extracted millions of dollars in improper expenses from the company his father founded.

The 75-year-old former CEO spent much of his time on the stand trying to justify many of the disputed expenses. He insisted the company’s board, accountants or chief financial officer approved some of the payments. Other expenses — including trips to vacation destinations around the world — he said had good business rationales.

For many of the dozens of expenses he was asked to explain, Marsh had the same answer: he didn’t remember what the business connection was and why he asked the company to pay for it

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Source: IndyStar