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In a wild turn of events, Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade’s ex-wife Siovaughn was arrested over the weekend after refusing to return her sons to Dwayne’s custody in time for Father’s Day.

Dwyane Wade has temporary full custody of his sons Zaire and Zion.  Their mother, Siohvaughn, was given visitation rights.  But this past weekend, she allegedly did not return the boys in accordance with the court order.

Chicago’s Cook County Sheriff’s spokesman Frank Bilecki told The AP that Siohvaughn Funches-Wade was charged with misdemeanor charges–two counts of attempted child abduction, two counts of unlawful visitation interference and one count of resisting arrest this weekend.  Apparently she did not bring the boys to Dwyane’s sister in Chicago on Saturday at the agreed upon 12p time so that they could make a 3p flight to Miami in time for Father’s Day.


Dwyane’s sister called the Sheriff’s office to check on the home when Sioh would not answer calls after several hours.  The filing states that Siohvaughn attempted to leave the home with one of the boys when the Sheriff’s department showed up.

Another woman, Nadgee Alarcon, was also inside the home and was charged with resisting arrest.  And after Dwyane charted a private jet to get his boys to him on Sunday, his eldest son told him that the Alarcon woman “smacked him in the head.”

Huff Post also reports that Siohvaughn was admitted to a hospital later Saturday night for possible asthma attack.

All of this drama led to Dwyane’s lawyer, James Pritikin, filing an emergency motion in court today (Tuesday) to suspend Sioh’s visitation rights.  A hearing has been set in regards to Siohvaighn, whom Dwyane divorced in 2012, for June 26th, the same day as Game 7 if necessary.

Dwyane said in his motion:

“Once again, S.L. has used our minor children as the proverbial pawns in this contentious dissolution of marriage action,” Wade wrote in the filing, using initials to protect identities but referring to his ex-wife. “This court must take action to protect our minor children from further exposure to the present environment S.L. creates while they are in her care and preventing S.L. from exercising her parenting time in a manner that is harmful to our children.

“The minor children have been subjected to great deal of drama/trauma as a result of S.L.’s conduct.”

He didn’t seem to let it affect his game Sunday night or last night as he and the Heat beat the Thunder for both.

Reports say Siohvaughn posted her $10K bail and has a hearing for her own charges in August.

(Source: TheYBF)