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Do you remember being that young sister who yearned for control and independence? In 1986 when Janet Jackson came out with the song “Control” it was our theme song. I’m all grown up, ready and ABLE to take on the world. Responsibility, relationships, school, work, family…I GOT IT. At that age it appeared so easy to be our “own woman.”

Once we have taken the “reigns of control,” we think we have won! We say to our parents (in our minds of course) HA! So why is it when we step out into the real world and begin to live life, we let others take the Control we so desperately wanted to claim? Whether it is your significant other, a manager on the job, a co-worker, or a so-called friend, these control grabbers are all around us. It’s time to put them in check!

When you allow others to have control, you are stifling your growth as an individual. Fears and hang-ups can stray you away from truly living the life you are suppose to lead. Instead of Gaining Control you Lose Control. Let me tell you, the only thing I want to lose are these last 10 pounds of pregnancy weight! OK, that’s another posting. Any whooo…

In order for you to have the life you are meant to have; you must reclaim control over your most valuable asset…YOU. Regardless of your situation, you can make a difference in your life today. Don’t let others dictate your importance, your thoughts, your time, your desires, your passion, or your career. You are perfectly capable of running the business of You, INC. As the chief executive officer of your life, put at the top of your to do list everyday; “I have the love and confidence in myself to make all decisions regarding (insert your name).” Girlfriend, it’s time for you to call your own shots.

Think back at being that young sister listening to Janet’s song “Control.” How did it make you feel: empowered, strong, confident, all of the above? Take those emotions and put them to work positively towards your better good. You are in the driver’s seat taking the journey of your life to greater heights. You have it going on, you are incredible, you are loved, you are fabulous, and by all means…you are in CONTROL!