Karen’s Power Thought airs every weekday at 6:40pm. Here is today’s dose of motivation and inspiration. People will doubt you, laugh at you, complain and oppose you. Yet none of that really matters so much, because even when they do, you can get good from it. -Ralph Marston Source: http://www.greatday.com/#ixzz2JUsK3WwI

Karen’s Power Thought (Courtesy of my seven-year old Cameron) There is stuff that happens in your life, that you don’t see coming. But in life we have to make it to our full size. What my baby is trying to say…Keep it moving and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Use your past as a learning tool and make the right decisions moving forward.

 Encourage your self to be greater, better and loving!

  Life doesn’t have to be perfect. Just LIVED!   

Don’t let difficulties worry you. Your setback is a set up for greatness!  

Power Thought: Overwhelmed to Empowered Have you ever had a week that started off a mess and by the end of it everything fell into place? This has been the story of my week. If there is anything I have learned over the pass few days… it’s to stay on course and build momentum. I’ve […]

Power Thought: Reflect Live your life to the fullest. Although you may be busy with work, family and whatever life brings you…take the time to reflect. When you do, you’ll be guided down the right path and will be able to focus on what is important and live a life of fulfillment. We need to […]