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Don Cheadle took to Twitter to clarify statements he made to Jet Magazine about wishing President Obama was more “gangsta”.

“I realize that when speaking to reporters who are looking for the juiciest comments to print, a word like gangster in connection with a black president uttered by a black celebrity can almost be too much to resist,” Cheadle wrote, “I say this not in defense but to offer some perspective. I believe I used the word gangster and I meant it. But I wasn’t talking about pants sagging and forties and ‘hoes’ or any of that other nonsense and I find it hard to believe that that is what some people thought I was saying. I was talking about wish fulfillment; my own and my desire to witness something more than I had.”

Cheadle caught a lot of flak online for the comment Thursday night when the quote was released, which led to him posting a statement explaining what he meant via his Twitter page.

Source: Huffington Post