A majority of respondents in a new poll thinks former President Obama would be handling the coronavirus better than President Trump. Obama got a 52-percent rating in the Politico-Morning Consult tracking poll, while Trump got 38-percent. Meantime, 44-percent of respondents said Trump is handling the crisis better than former VP Joe Biden would. The Democratic […]

Georgia Congressman John Lewis is feeling the love after announcing he’s battling pancreatic cancer. Former President Obama said he knows Lewis has an “incomparable will to fight.” Former President Bill Clinton echoed that sentiment, saying if anyone has the courage and strength to fight the disease, it’s John Lewis. The 79-year-old civil rights icon announced […]

Former President Barack Obama is mad – and for good reason. According to The Wall Street Journal, Obama was reportedly furious about Trump’s unsubstantiated and absurd claims that Obama wiretapped Trump’s offices during the 2016 presidential campaign. Obama should be angry by Trump’s wild and baseless accusations — and, in fact, all clear-thinking Americans should […]

The former First Lady is set to make an appearance on "MasterChef Junior."

Regardless of what these folks say, the nation's first Black president will always be number one in our books.

The former First Couple are also on the brink of signing a series of book deals.

The former president weighed in on the new administration and the power of resistance.

Bush’s Inauguration Day Letter to Obama — and Clinton’s to Bush — Made Public for the First Time –   A long-standing tradition among Presidents of the United States is to write a letter to the incoming president on their Inauguration Day. And now two such letters from the past — Bill Clinton to George W. Bush, and Bush to Barack […]

President Obama awarded Vice President Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Thursday afternoon. Calling the former longtime Delaware senator the best vice president America’s ever had and a president  Obama gave his White House partner the surprise award in an emotional ceremony, initially billed as a farewell. Source Time.com

President Obama had pretty much every big star who gave him mad support over at his crib Friday night. The guest list pretty much says it all … David Letterman, Paul McCartney, John Legend & Chrissy Teigen, Robert De Niro, Stevie Wonder, Charles Barkley, George Clooney, Bradley Cooper and so many more. Source TMZ