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CNN correspondent Soledad O’Brien said that she doesn’t believe TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington is a racist, but adds that he was not telling the truth when claiming she ambushed him during the taping of “Black America 4,”  in a recent blog post on

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In response to the allegations that she ambushed Arrington during an interview that he was recorded saying “I don’t know a single Black entrepreneur,” O’Brien says that her question was “an honest question to which he gave an honest answer.”

She adds that Arrington failed to share that a second email was sent to him, detailing the documentary’s purpose.

He omits the second e-mail we sent four days before the interview that spells out that the documentary is about a “group of entrepreneurs we are following who are participating in the NewMe accelerator. The first accelerator of its kind set up specifically for entrepreneurs of color. Their inspiring stories will be the focus of this CNN Black in America documentary.”



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