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1. Attractive: I don’t want to sound shallow but I’m afraid to say most men are looking for attractive women. Physical looks means a lot to men, a lot more then they are willing to admit. You should physically be looking your best. There are many things you can control, such as your weight, your hair and the way you dress. If you look your best and are attractive, then you will be wanted by lots of men! That is a fact.

2. Fun: Men want to be in the company of someone who is fun and they can have a laugh with. Essentially, they want to be with someone who could be one of their guy friends in some ways. They don’t want someone who is serious all the time. They want to be with a woman who can be laid back and easy going. Someone who will make their life easier and not more complicated.

3. Good Sex: This is something that is very important to men. If you are having good sex with him, he will fall for you big time! In fact, as long as the sex is great he will always want to stick around. Women underestimate how much good sex is important to men.