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Nice Guys Appear Weak – If you seek for a girl’s approval on everything and anything, this a strong sign that you do not value your own opinion and that your attitude is weak. Having this trait is a total turn off for girls. Nice guys are prone to this misconception.

Nice Guys are Followers, Not Leaders – Girls like men whom they know they can lean on – a leader. You see, being a constant follower shows that you do not have the guts and confidence to stand out and lead. Girls do not like this loser attitude and this is another reason why nice guys never get the girls.

Nice Guys Let Girls Step on Them – One trait that always seems to be missing from nice guys is self respect and the absence of this makes them appear weak to women. To girls, they are like puppets that they have the disposition to order around and command. Guys who exude a strong personality appear dominant because they show extreme self-importance, and that is why women are naturally attracted to them.

Nice Guys Always Chase Women – Never ever make women see that you desperately want them. Nothing turns off women more than a man who follows and calls her every minute of every hour.