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When trying to find the man of your dreams, think to yourself that he must be perfect for you. Ask yourself where would the man you were meant to be with go to find YOU. You should know the perfect man for you better than anyone, even before you’ve actually met him. Why is that you might ask? It’s because before you meet him the concept of what it is you want is set in place. All Mr Right has to do is come along and fill that position for you.

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    Always make sure you’re out someplace so he can find you. If you’re home all the time you’re only shot might be the mailman. Not that there’s anything wrong with mailmen, but that does limit your selection.

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    Look into things that will get you out of the house. Volunteer yourself to a charitable organization, join a Bible study group or get involved in some other social activity or hobby. Many people go dancing, some people play Bingo. It all depends on you. If you’re doing what you like doing, chances are, the man of your dreams will find you.

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    Always be yourself. The man of your dreams should like you for you. If you act like someone you’re not, you may end up with somebody else’s dream man.

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    Be patient and never give up. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Try not to be bitter. No matter how many men let you down, just remember, no two men are alike. Each relationship is going to be different.

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