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He keeps on talking of sex as sexual conquests

If your new date keeps on talking of past girl friends as sex objects and keeps referring to sex with them as successful sexual conquests then you might just be another name on his list.

He makes no moves to introduce you to his friends or family

If your guy is only in the relationship for sexual pleasure instead of a long-term relationship then he will not introduce you to his friends or family. He might simply make excuses to avoid his friends or family from talking to you since that would be one less partner that he would need to explain about when questioned by them.

All talk leads to sex

If you notice that your guy keeps on throwing sexual innuendos while talking to you on any unrelated topic then he is more interested in having sex with you than forming a serious bond with you. If he keeps on with this talk and follows up with physical action then he is surely seeing you only as a sex toy instead of a real human being with feelings.

He insists that sexual compatibility is the main key to a relationship

If your guy insists that having sex early on in the relationship is the only way to check sexual compatibility between both partners then he is much more interested in sex than in forming any relationship with you. Once he gets what he wants then he not only controls the entire relationship but can easily walk out of the relationship by citing sexual incompatibility, which in turn will turn out to be a double-blow for you.

He calls you up only when he is in the mood

If the new man in your life acts like a boy and only calls you up when he is sexually aroused while avoiding you the rest of the time then he has set himself up in a very convenient zone. You can be sure that he will call you up only when he is in the mood and will surely stop calling once he gets tired of you or finds another girl to exploit.

He never talks about the future

If your guy simply sticks to his theme of enjoying the present and never talks about a future together with you then he is in the relationship for only one thing and that is your body. If your guy never talks about both of you in terms of “we” then he is simply there for fun and would have planned to bail out once he got what he wanted.

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