Steve Arrington formerly of the hit 70’s group Slave is performing on the 2016 Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage! A native of Dayton, Ohio, he’s currently…

A California mom was outraged to find a Playmobil Pirate Ship came complete with a figurine resembling an African-American slave and instructions to place it in a neck shackle.

Soul Food Festival Frequently Asked Questions: Who are the Friday Night Performers? Kid N Play, Big Daddy Kane, Full Force, Nice & Smooth and The Alumni featuring Kwame’, Monie Love, Chubb Rock, Special and Dana Dane.   Who are the Saturday Night Performers? Tevin Campbell, Loose Ends, Freddie Jackson, Midnight Star, Slave, and The Ohio […]

Join us Friday, August 21, 2015 and Saturday, August 22, 2015 at the Lafayette Square Mall for a two days of fun, food and entertainment. Stone Soul Edition: Live performances on Friday from Full Force, Nice & Smooth, The Alumni featuring Kwame’, Chubb Rock, Special Ed, Monie love, and Dana Dane. Plus Kid N Play […]

In case you were wondering, this is real life,. You are not having a nightmare. You did read the headline correctly. Actor/performer Jaden Smith has…

President’s Day falling in the middle of Black History Month gives us reason to ask for definitive answers to some questions that may get swept under the rug. While it is wonderful to acknowledge the greatness of our Presidents, we cannot pretend that slavery wasn’t a part of our past in America. It’s hard to […]


Jourdan Anderson was a slave who was freed under the Emancipation Proclamation. Under gunfire, he and his wife, Amanda McGregor, escaped Colonel P.H. Anderson’s home in Tennessee and started a family in Ohio. In 1864, Jourdan Anderson received his free papers. A year later, the colonel sent a letter to Anderson asking him to come back […]

Oh, this is RICH! In August of 1865, Colonel P.H. Anderson of Big Spring, Tennessee wrote his former slave, Jourdon Anderson, requesting that he come back to his farm to work. Jourdon Anderson had already been emancipated and was gainfully employed and providing for his family in Ohio at this point. His response to the […] Odyssey – Inside Out by PeteRock Often, when I am deciding what to play in the ’12 O’ Clock Lunchtime Mix’, I find myself recalling some GREAT records that I haven’t had a chance to hear in a while. I’ll be posting some of these selections to TLCNAPTOWN.COM when I can. There’s so much […]