It’s always good to see the cats who made those great records still out here jamming and being appreciated. Here’s another favorite of mine that I love to get in the mix on Friday nights for ‘Club 106.7’. This is GQ rocking ‘Disco Nights’, live last year, still as jamming as ever…. Tune into 106.7 […]

WOO! The ‘Ladies Of The 80’s’ weekend has been such a joy on 106.7 WTLC, reminding me of the greatness of so many artists! We just played Patrice Rushen’s ‘Haven’t You Heard’ and I was in the studio, clapping and stomping along. Whatta great groove! Man, look at that picture…she KNOWS this is the jam. […]

Here’s one that you might hear us get in the mix on the weekends. We try to get in the crates to find the joints that make you move and groove for Friday night’s ‘Club 106.7’ and ‘The Saturday Night Basement Party’. ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ on But The Rent” was a bit controversial when the […]

One of the many joys of this job for me is coming in to talk with the folks here about the jams from back in the day. I love to have my memory kickstarted by the staff here at WTLC, especially when we are talking about records that would set the party off without fail. […]

Another banger you can hear us get into the mix! We take the opportunity to dig a little deeper in the crates every weekend here on 106.7 WTLC, with ‘Club 106.7’ on Friday nights and ‘The Saturday Night Basement Party’ on the following night. It’s a chance for us to pick the tempo up and […]

Here’s another BANGER that I always look forward to featuring in the ’12 O’ Clock Lunchtime Mix’. D-Train’s ‘You’re The One For Me’ has one of the most insistent basslines AND keyboard parts EVER EVER EVER! Lemme tell ya, when that baseline bubbles in for the intro, you know you’re in for some heavy funk. […] Odyssey – Inside Out by PeteRock Often, when I am deciding what to play in the ’12 O’ Clock Lunchtime Mix’, I find myself recalling some GREAT records that I haven’t had a chance to hear in a while. I’ll be posting some of these selections to TLCNAPTOWN.COM when I can. There’s so much […]