An ex-employee of a Versace retail store in the Bay area is calling out his former employers for extreme racist behavior. According to the former staffer, Versace secretly alerts staffers when an African-American person enters the store. In the lawsuit filed by the man, it says that a manager told him about a store code called “D410,” which […]


A Trump supporter was stabbed in his throat after an argument went bad last week.

One college kid is getting death threats after creating and selling hoodies that display racially charged statements.

On Monday, The Oregonian reported outrage among customers who learned the shop was selling an Oreo cupcake that seemed to shade President Obama.

One flier, titled “Why White Women Shouldn’t Date Black Men,” highlights individual violent relationships between Black men and White women.

Vons is spreading the good message of "diversity and inclusion."

  Singer/actress Zendaya took to snapchat to tell her side of a racist encounter.  She was trying to buy $400 worth of gift cards and according to Zendaya was treated rudely and had her wallet tossed aside because the clerk didn’t think she could afford them.         Source:

New York Life handed its managing director Corey Multer a pink slip for calling Shanelle Matthews a "racist pig whore" on Facebook.

The ever controversial ESPN anchor Bomani Jones just turned things up a notch.

As public figures begin to come out of the woodwork to support Donald Trump, it appears that some high schoolers in Indiana share the same sentiment.


"It’s so contradictory to who we are and who we want to be," Ruff said, addressing the "wigga"-themed festivities. "Wigga," a combination of White and the n-word, is often used to refer to White people "acting Black" or irresponsibly appropriating Black dress and culture.

Knollenberg said he didn't intend to offend anyone with his comments. He also suggested he wasn't racist because he had a Black employee.