Every food chain wants to have the number 1 chicken sandwich or at least out do Chick-Fil-A or Popeyes. Well looks like McDonald’s is ready to make their debut to the chicken sandwich game. The sandwich will first be tested for a limited time in Houston and Knoxville. The fried chicken filet will be served […]

Uh Oh…it’s back!! Popeye’s is confirming its sold-out chicken sandwich will return early next month, sort of.  About 150 franchise-owned locations are putting it back on the menu.  But to make that happen, they need to hire 400 more workers.  The CEO says the restaurant chain may even dedicate up to two people per store […]

If you missed the latest trend at Popeyes and want to get a taste of the hype then Popeyes has a solution just for you! As Popeyes begin to work on bringing back the golden crispy sandwhich they started the BYOB Campaign. BYOB = Bring Your Own Bun Here’s how it works, you need to […]

Everybody has been talking about the new chicken sandwiches at Popeye’s! Nobody expected them to be so delicious! As some Popeye’s locations are selling out of the gold crispy sandwiches. One loyal customer in New York City has been for the sandwich THREE times already! When he tried to go for the 4th sandwich there […]

Rapper T.I. is having an eventful trip in Los Angeles. After getting into a heated standoff with the LAPD at the Supperclub, T.I. was a…