While most celebs were partying it up at the NBA All-Star weekend, our favorite ex-couple Nas & Kelis were performing at Australia’s “Good Vibration” 2011 Music Festival. Kelis and Nas were among the performers at the festival which included Erykah Badu,Damian Marley, Ludacris and many more. We wonder if these two spent quality time together??? […]

Nas reportedly owes the IRS over 6 million dollars in tax debt, with at least 3 tax liens filed against him from Georgia to New York. According to Yo Raps, “the trouble started in October of 2009 in New York. The IRS filed a $2,584,236 lien against [him] behind owed taxes, listing the address of […]

Nas has finally been given some good news in his ongoing child-and-spousal support battle with ex-wife Kelis. According to TMZ, the legendary rapper has managed to convince a Los Angeles judge to reduce both. Kelis filed for divorce from Nas in April 2009. Seven months pregnant at the time, the “Milkshake” singer gave birth to […]

After an interview with Rolling Stone magazine where President Barack Obama admitted to having Lil Wayne and Nas in his iPod, Fox News ran a headline, “The President of The United States Loves Gangsta Rap” which they have since pulled down. RELATED STORIES Obama: “Fox News Is Destructive To America” Newsweek Slams Fox News-Promoted Obama […]

Everyone’s favorite drunk, singer Amy Winehouse was seen stumbling and leaning heavily on Nas at a birthday party for Damian Marley yesterday.

Well things are looking up for Nas & Kelis.  Kelis told US Weekly magazine that her and Nas are cool now: “Yeah everything’s fine. We are divorced, but there is no point to fighting — there is nothing to fight about. I am super happy; my life is awesome. We are friends, we get along […]

The Nas and Kelis divorce drama continues…It looks like spousal support is not the most pressing problem for Nas.  According to TMZ, the rapper is having problems making the monthly mortgage for the home Kelis is living in. Nas is behind $52,989.22.

It goes without saying that Kanye West, who celebrated a birthday yesterday, is one of hip-hop’s greatest producers.

After getting his pockets cleaned out by his soon to be ex-wife Kelis, I’m hearing that Nas only gets to see his son Knight when Kelis feels like it.  Nas recently told Vibe that he doesn’t get to see his son that much:

I knew it was only a  matter to time before Nas put the brakes on forking over all that cash to Kelis on a monthly basis. The rapper’s lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan, is asking the judge to take another look at the damage to Nas’ pockets.

Rumor has it that Nas is busy trying to get Kelis back while he sinks deeper into financial trouble.