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kasim reed (screenshot cnn snowstorm)*They say size matters.

Well these days in Atlanta you’ll probably get push back on that  old saw ’cause only 2 inches of snow created a humongous headache for the city … and its mayor, Kasim Reed.

The “tiny” storm that made a big impact caused massive headaches for commuters, snarled traffic on highways for nearly 20 hours, and spawned images of commuters sleeping in drugs stores and supermarkets.

Because of the city’s apparent lack of readiness, the criticism has been hard and heavy for the mayor.

On Wednesday, Reed sat with CNN anchor Carol Costello for an acrimonious interview in which the mayor repeatedly insisted that “independent” entities were responsible for the lack of preparedness and the outrage aimed at him was misdirected.

“You know how angry people are at you,” Costello asked.

“I don’t feel that people angry at me,” Reed replied.

“There are plenty of people who say the school children should never have been placed in that position,” Costello shot back, “that schools should have been closed before the weather hit.”

“Let me say this: if you’re being fair, you would point out that the Atlanta public school system makes the call on when the system is closed,” Reed replied.

“You ought to be fair with the interview,” he continued. “The Atlanta public school system calls and the school systems independently call when they close.”

Reed said he would have preferred to close the schools, but the city is deserving of praise for the lack of traffic-related deaths.

“I’ve heard this from public officials before,” Costello replied. “We didn’t have any fatalities, but that was just by the grace of God.”

“No, it’s not by the grace of God,” Reed countered.

“People got out of their cars in icy situations,” Costello insisted.

“That’s easy to say from your anchor seat,” Reed responded.

Anyway, check out the back and forth via CNN:


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