Latitude 39

After her amazing performance, Syleena Johnson sat with Loverman Jerry Wade and Karen Vaughn, to talk about her new album Chapter 6. She spoke on getting paid to go to therapy and what her next reality TV show might be! All that and more in the video below! Syleena Johnson Talks the New Season of […]

One thing that every woman was clear on last night is that Olivia Pope stays fly! Before the premier of Season 3 of Scandal we were graced by the presence of lovely models showing off their Scandalicious Style at Latitude 39! Here are some ideas on how you can get that  “Olivia Pope Style” right […]

We started with 8 but ended with 2! A group of men and women competed for a chance to win A Scandal Poster, Scandal Notebook and tickets to an upcoming guest speaker here in Indianapolis! It came down to two ladies that definitely didn’t go down easily! Who was the true Scandal Fanatic? See for […]

One of the biggest premiers of 2013 undoubtedly was Scandal Starring America’s favorite mistress Olivia Pope! Before Season 3 official started we got a chance to talk to some of the shows biggest fans! Here why some of 106.7 WTLC fans LOVE SCANDAL!   Special thanks to Latitude 39 for their hospitality and acceptance of […]

We’re gearing up for the SCANDAL Premiere Watch Party! The season three premiere looks to be one of the most anticipated television events of the year! We know there will be a lotta folks coming aboard the Gladiator bandwagon, for the new Gladiators that haven’t had a chance to watch the first two seasons all […]

We’re getting so hyped for the ‘Scandal’ Premiere Watch Party at Latitude 39, Thursday, October 3rd, folks! We’re still giving away passes for this fabulous night to our lucky listeners! Leading up to it, we’re gonna be looking back at one of our favorite shows on TV, gearing up for the big season three premiere […]

  ‘SCANDAL’ is back October 3rd! The hit show returns to answer  questions that have had viewers tingling with anticipation! Also, if you are a late-coming Gladiator trying to get caught up,  a recap special airs just before the season premiere, entitled ‘Scandal; The Secret Is Out’. Thursday, October 3rd, “Scandal: The Secret is Out” […]

Avant gave a one of a kind of his experience to all his fans last night. He kept it special for the ladies but believe that the fellas that these ladies were with or came home to benefited as well! Sorry if you missed this night but we have plenty highlights for you to enjoy! […]

AVANT performing ‘You And I’ and his latest single, ‘More’ for the winners who got to come to the ‘106.7 VIP SUITE’, live in Indianapolis at Latitude 39, August 26, 2013! Check out the footage below…we had a great time. There’s more footage and photos on our Facebook page…and if you were there, tag us […]

A great time was had by all at Latitude 39 as Avant set FIRE to Indianapolis and gave the ladies everything they could want and more! Before he performed he got a chance to sit and talk with Karen Vaughn. Check out just how ahead of the game Avant has been and also check out […]

WOO!!  It’s gonna be a hot night in Naptown on Monday, August 26! AVANT   is COMING for the 106.7 WTLC VIP SUITE hosted by Karen Vaughn! MONDAY, AUGUST 26th to LATITUDE LIVE inside LATITUDE 39, 4016 E. 82nd St! We’re hosting an intimate performance by one of the best R&B singers in the game for […]