Brandy and Kelly Rowland were seen dining at Katsuya in Hollywood. They two friends were seen having a good time when Paris Hilton came into the mix. Check it out: More Stories: Keri Hilson’s “Breaking Point” [NEW MUSIC] LeBron James Shows Off Grown & Sexy Style For GQ [PHOTOS]

The video shoot went into production starting the end of July.

Hottie Lance Gross recently revealed his celebrity crush, and she’s none other than one of our faves Kelly Rowland. Lance was so flustered when talking about Kelly, he practically blushed.

"Commander"-in-chief Kelly Rowland is gracing the pages of this week’s Entertainment Weekly. The mag gives us an “unbuttoned” look at the former child of Destiny.

Here's my First Lady Flashback from Destiny's Child, "No, No, No, Pt.2" Enjoy. <!--more-->

The grand opening celebration of Target in East Harlem went down last night!

She initially decided that it would be a self-titled record, however after receiving a negative response to that idea, she has asked the public for suggestions.

Kelly Rowland says she’s proud she waited 10 years before undergoing breast enlargement surgery, giving herself time to make an informed decision about the like changing and sometimes risky procedure. The former Destiny’s Child singer, who said she was unhappy with her figure and body image as a teen, when under the knife to boost […]

Didn’t Kelly’s parents tell her not to dig in her nose without a tissue!

Kelly Rowland may be enjoying her independence as a solo artist, but there was a time when the R&B star had to lean on her fellow Destiny’s Child groupmate.

Kelly has a new management team in place as well, and in her new contract, she's allowed to exert full control over her albums and career.

Not another one… Check out Kelly Rowland at the world music awards with ANOTHER questionable hairline.