Jesse Jackson speaks on Whitney’s career and how her family is doing. Click here for more Whitney Houston Update & WTLC LIVE at her Monorail

ATLANTA- New billboards in Atlanta by an anti-abortion group, Abortion In The Hood attack Jesse Jackson and the Congressional Black Caucus for betraying the Black community on the issue of abortion. The website and campaign, funded by the Restoration Project criticize Jackson for changing his position on abortion after being against it in the 1970s. […]

As the news was recently released that Black leaders had convened to attack the 40-year old “War on Drugs,” I could hear the collective “amen” coming from millions of Black folks all across America. I also heard my phone ring at 5:30 am, as a friend of mine in Kansas City told me about how […]

If I were locked in a room with Jesse Jackson and Soledad O’Brien and given a gun with exactly 1 bullet, I’d probably blow my own brains out because no matter which of those two I shot, I’d still be stuck with the other one. Neither Jackson nor O’Brien is my favorite person. I’m almost […]

BE FRIENDS WITH FIRST LADY ON FACEBOOK OR FOLLOW HER ON TWITTER according to eurweb *CNN’s Soledad O’Brien has a new book out called “The Next Big Story.” One of the anecdotes she tells is an encounter she had with Jesse Jackson who questioned her blackness. Here’s an excerpt: Today he is angry because CNN […]

AM 1200 WCHB’s Mildred Gaddis took her show on the road to broadcast live from The Rainbow PUSH Coalition 39th Annual Conference. Mildred spoke with Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., founder and president of Rainbow PUSH Coalition as well as his distinguished panel of scholars, economists and civil rights leaders and Entrepreneurial fishermen/oyster-man based out […]