We applaud Jay Leno for using his voice to speak up about what's really going on in the world today.

Anthony Mackie Says Dreadlocks Lead to Racial Profiling Damn Anthony Mackie, what did dreadlocks do to you? The “Black and White” actor gave an interesting interview with…

*Jay Leno signed off of the “Tonight Show” for good on Thursday, but not before basking in a musical sendoff orchestrated by his lone sit-down…

The new Arsenio Hall Show has been on for a couple of days and the initial reviews have been mixed, but the ratings were STELLAR. Hall’s new show debuted with higher ratings than David Letterman, Jay Leno, AND Jimmy Kimmel. It was a huge success for Hall, who last appeared on late-night television 20 years […]

U.S. President Barack Obama has been booked as a guest on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” next week, NBC announced Wednesday. The commander in chief is to appear on Tuesday’s edition of the program “to discuss his second term concentrating on his jobs initiatives and the economy,” the network said in a news release. […]

I think this is soooo cool. This couple goes all in on Jay Leno’s Pump Cast News Karaoke. This is guaranteed to make you smile! If not check your pulse. lol! It’s so good to see a happy black couple! Then check out Pt. 21

On Wednesday, Jay Leno confirmed the rampant reports that he’s once again departing “The Tonight Show,” presumably for good this time. He’ll wrap up his 22-year run as host in spring 2014, with Jimmy Fallon officially signing on as his replacement. “Congratulations Jimmy,” Leno said. “I hope you’re as lucky as me and hold on […]

There’s no doubt Kanye West has won over girlfriend of nine months Kim Kardashian, but as Khloe Kardashian explains, the rapper has also struck up quite a bromance with her husband Lamar Odom! Chatting with Jay Leno in a Dec. 4 Tonight Show interview, the X Factor cohost revealed that Odom, 33, is so tight with West that he sends him rap lyrics […]

President Obama took to Jay Leno to respond to Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock’s comments about rape. Mourdock recently said, “I came to realize life is a gift from God. Even if life begins in a horrible situation of rape it’s something God intended to happen.” Obama responded saying, “rape is rape– and it’s a […]

First Lady Michelle Obama continues to make her talk-show rounds and next up is the “Steve Harvey Show.” FLOTUS is all set to appear on the show, taped at the NBC Studios in her hometown Chicago, tomorrow. Steve Harvey’s show debuted last month. His premiere was the number one talk show pilot since Dr. Oz […]

Gabby Douglas admitted indulging in post-Olympics fast food to the wrong person: First lady and healthy eating advocate Michelle Obama, who teased the gymnastics champion. “You’re setting me back, Gabby,” Obama told Douglas during a taping Monday for NBC’s “Tonight Show,” according to a network transcript. Read more here (Source: Black America Web) The 16-year-old […]


The first lady hit up The Tonight Show with Jay Leno about how to cope with raising kids in the White House and being married to the President. She also talked about the Prez’s singing. Funny! She even got Jay to eat healthy LOL! Leno once told a magazine he hadn’t eaten a vegetable since […]