The newly released “Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” took the number one spot and newly released “Baywatch” takes the number 3 spot after “Guardians of teh Galaxy Vol. 2”. 1 N Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales BV $62,179,000 – 4,276 – $14,541 $62,179,000 $230 1 2 2 […]

Tank's personal life usually takes a major backseat to his career – but not so much in 2017.

The Oscar winner encountered some unnecessary drama at a West Hollywood eatery.

Many believe that smoking the sticky-icky will make you lazy, but not in Cali. Police are looking for vandals that changed the infamous Hollywood sign to read “Hollyweed”. According to, the bandit or bandit(s) climbed the mountain and threw two tarps over the “O’s” to make them appear like “E’s.” Police states the crime is […]

The actor managed to keep his private life quiet for all those years, but now he's spilling the tea.

News One Exclusives

According to a new diversity report, Tinseltown suffers from a lack of equal representation.


Following legendary singer Prince‘s death, several people have come forward claiming to be related to him in an effort to get a piece of his fortune. So far, 30 individuals who have filed court documents claiming to be related to the singer have been denied. Judge Kevin Eide, who is overseeing the case, is now ordering […]

We all got excited when we heard the news Ghostbusters was coming back to the big screen.

On the famed Hollywood Walk of Fame, a group of bold activists added the names of several Black victims of police brutality and violence to unused stars at the popular tourist destination. Michael Brown Jr., Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and little Aiyana Stanley-Jones were among the names emblazoned onto the sidewalk, VIBE reports. The group, […]


On Tuesday's edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin; NPR TV Critic, Eric Deggans; Associate Editor at The Root, Danielle Belton; and Managing Editor at, April Reign discussed the abysmal diversity numbers in Hollywood.

With so much attention being paid to the #OscarsSoWhite controversy and the Academy Awards, Roland Martin and NewsOne Now shifted the focus of the conversation from acting nominations to a broader look at the entire movie industry. On Friday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Martin sat down with director/producer Bill Duke, who understands not just what happens […]

Someone has vandalized Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yet again.