@kwellscomm  TLCNaptown.com News  — A lot of people in Indiana are fat, drunk, and unhappy. That’s the shocking results from a new survey out on this ‘Throwback Thursday’ by the folks at WalletHub. Indiana scores 40th on the survey sites new “Happiness Index.” That means the Hoosier state is the tenth least happy state in the country. […]

From Alison Green for U.S. News 1. Don’t assume that your manager knows how high your workload is.Your manager can’t help you if she doesn’t realize that there’s a problem. A common mistake in this situation is to assume that your workload is so obviously high that there’s no way that your manager doesn’t know, and […]

When family comes to town for the holidays, there’s usually a lot of drama that comes with them. iVillage conducted a poll  and found that 65 percent of people anticipated a Thanksgiving fight among their family. Here are the top 10 reasons family members fight on Thanksgiving 10. What time should we eat? Why picking a […]

Today is Sweetest Day! Started in 1921 in Cleveland, the day is designed to remember anyone who has been helpful or kind in addition to the sick and elderly. Who doesn’t like a sweet person? Here are some ways for you to provide some sweetness to your sweets: Share kind words, thoughts and positive comments […]

There are distinct differences between the ways successful happy people approach life versus those who continually struggle. Here are three things happy, successful people do differently: 1. They focus on happy jealousy. When a colleague gets promoted or a friend gets a new home, less successful people are jealous because they wish the prize had gone to […]

Repair your emotional wellness with these must-have tools. I’m often amazed at how little value people place on emotions, particularly emotional wellness. When your spirit catches a cold, it’s like the rest of you catches the flu. That negative energy manifests itself in everything from depression to disease. With women, there are added dangers such […]

So often, we feel guilty for feeling happy, or for even wanting to feel happy. We somehow think that it’s not right. It’s not a…

Far too often we feel that we can only be happy from external events. We will be happy once we get that new job, once…