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  Many felt she didn’t suggest to drink less soft drinks and other sugar-filled beverages and juices.   (CNN) — The truth about water, first…

A hip hop album by Michelle Obama? Yet another example of the expanding influence and impact of the music. Just a few weeks ago, Nas was honored with a hip hop fellowship in his name at Harvard University. Teachers are using hip hop in their classrooms to get students interested in math and science, and now the first lady, Michelle Obama […]

First Lady Michelle Obama is on Instagram! She posted a few pics from Senegal, where’s she’s visiting with President Barack Obama.           “My first instagram! So inspired and so impressed by these extraordinary young women. -mo #FLOTUSinAfrica” Will you follow her…we are! Source: BlackMediaScoop

First lady Michelle Obama believes in talking to kids about the importance of good food and exercise. But she avoids discussing weight with her daughters, she said in a”Fireside Hangout” hosted by Kelly Ripa on Google+ Monday. Speaking from the White House, Mrs. Obama answered questions from four adult participants, as well as an entire third […]

First lady Michelle Obama’s previously taped appearance on Good Morning America aired today with the two women, looking sleek in teal and coral sheaths, talking healthy recipes, trendy bangs and coping with a rapidly growing teenager. Mrs. O went to New York last week to tape the interview; she was one of Roberts’ first big gets since […]

New York’s Niskayuna Central School District is severing ties with the National School Lunch program, tossing out its adherence to federal regulations for more fruits and vegetables on lunch trays. The Niskayuna Board of Education unanimously voted to terminate participation in the program, effective April 1, after a semester-long stint has resulted in a net […]

Before you start talking about how Stacey Dash is this and that for supporting Mitt hear what she had to say. Click here to read more on this story. Click here  to see First Lady’s photos and follow me on Instagram Click here  to follow First Lady on Twitter Click here  to be Friends with […]

Jason Cantrell, 43, is, oops! was, an assistant city attorney for New Orleans when he made the mistake of coming to work with his drug of choice…a joint.   He showed up to magistrate court to perform his normal duties and stopped to have a chat with officers.  But mid-conversation, a joint popped out of […]

Now you know I can’t make this stuff up… I’m just not this creative.. SMH Only in America can a classroom full of students eager to learn show up only to be cursed out by a bucket-naked teacher… Now that’s what I call an exciting day at school… A math professor at Michigan State University […]

This ladies really need to learn to play nice together. Click here to read more on this story. Click here  to see First Lady’s photos and follow me on Instagram Click here   to follow First Lady on Twitter Click here  to be Friends with First Lady on Facebook JOIN HER TEXT CLUB BY TEXTING “FIRST” TO 23088 (MSG […]

The country has been worried about jobs for the last four years and it is a major issue in the elections that people want to see addressed. The president cannot solve this problem on his own, he needs the help of employers and it seems that this season they are willing to help out. Macy’s, […]

 David Letterman is  known for raking his guests and potential guests across the coals to get a rise out of them and a laugh out of his audience.  But, this time it seems that someone is dissin’ him and ignoring Letterman’s attempts to get him on the show. According to Letterman, Mitt Romney has been […]