INDIANAPOLIS — After years of planning and construction, the Community Justice Campus (CJC) officially opened Monday. The CJC houses the Marion County Superior Court, Marion County Circuit Court, Marion County Sheriff’s Office, the Adult Detention Center and the Assessment and Intervention Center (AIC). All in-person court matters, including jury trials, with the exception of juvenile delinquency (JD) […]

A lawyer friend posed this thorny question yesterday: “How many Black men have been falsely accused of rape and spent have their lives in prison for crimes they didn’t commit?” I couldn’t answer his question with a hard number. I didn’t know. My friend really didn’t want a definitive response; his mind was already made […]

A father in Houston is going to jail for six months – even though he paid more child support than he owed, reports Clifford…

Sometimes the American justice system works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Too many times with court sentences, the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. The justice system will give long jail sentences to people charged with non-violent crimes and let murderers off for time served. Here are five examples of incidents where justice was miscalculated, resulting in ridiculous […]