The trend of surgically enhanced larger-than-life body parts just may be ending. Singer K. Michelle reduced the size of her butt and now another reality…

In an interview with Huff Post K. Michelle admits to cosmetic surgery. During the interview she claims to have only had her breasts done and the fat from her stomach transferred to  her buttocks. She explained that she does not want girls to think that she “woke up like this” or to feel as if […]

They say she has the largest breast implants in the world, (M-cup), and she's now fighting for her life, was it worth it

Kelly Rowland says she’s proud she waited 10 years before undergoing breast enlargement surgery, giving herself time to make an informed decision about the like changing and sometimes risky procedure. The former Destiny’s Child singer, who said she was unhappy with her figure and body image as a teen, when under the knife to boost […]