Earlier this week, the U.S Olympic swimmer and three of his teammates told the world they were robbed at gunpoint while coming home to the Olympic village after a night of partying in Rio de Janeiro.

From our amazing American team to the shirtless Tongan flag bearers to supermodels rocking the runway, here's what made the night LIT.

The woman, who asked to remain unidentified, delivered by cesarean section Tuesday at Hackensack University Medical Center. She is visiting from Honduras.

The New York real estate mogul has not minced words on his thoughts about Mexicans, Blacks, and Muslims, leaving doubts about his campaign slogan to make "America Great Again." Does he mean returning the nation to plantation owners and slaves? Does he mean getting the, uh, African-American family out of the White House?

Nayara Justino story has exposed the problems with racial roles in modern Brazil.

Experts are worried the virus may be spreading far and fast due to its formation in Aedes mosquitos.

The virus travels through Aedes mosquitos, which are common in all nations in the Western Hemisphere with the exception of Canada and Chile.

Brazilian official warn women not to get pregnant due to virus.

A new Brazilian social media campaign is using geotagged data to expose people who use hate speech online and then hide behind anonymity.

Joe Jackson was recently released from the hospital after suffering from strokes. The 87-year old has been released and sources are saying that he suffered from the strokes in Brazil for popping Viagra. It has been denied by his representatives that this is the reason this went down. SOURCE:

Joe Jackson, father of the late musical legend Michael Jackson, was admitted to a hospital in Brazil over the weekend after suffering a stroke, USA Today reports. Jackson was…