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Let me first say that the Macho Man Randy Savage is my favorite wrestler ever. The very first wrestling pay-per-view I saw was Wrestlemania IV where I would see The Macho Man win his very first WWF (now WWE) World Heavyweight Title by defeating the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase. While the Macho Man would come down the ring with the very beautiful Miss Elizabeth (Rest In Peace Liz) to the very elegant “Pomp and Circumstance,” he would live by his last name Savage by destroying some of his opponents, sometimes in a wild manner.

He was just as savage outside of the ring with some of Wrestling’s craziest promos. With his raspy voice and over-the-top demeanor, you never knew which Macho Man you were gonna get. Whether he was a Face or Heel (good or bad guy), Savage always kept you at the edge of your set. And when you saw him come off the top rope with the most beautiful elbow drop you will ever see, you knew the match was coming to an end.

On May 20th, 2011, the sports world lost one of its most enigmatic figures when Savage passed away after suffering a sudden heart attack while driving with his wife in Florida. While Savage is gone, his spirit and his amazing career will live on the WWE Network on NBC’s Peacock streaming platform, various viral videos, and as one of the most imitated wrestlers of all time.

Let’s take a look back by checking out some of the most savage moments in the career of the Macho Man.

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1. Macho Man Tries To Destroy Ricky Steamboat’s Throat

In 1986, the Macho Man started one of the biggest feuds of his career with a bang. Before the match could even start, Savage attacked his opponent, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat outside the ring. Savage would send to the top rope and land on Steamboat while his throat was laying on a steel barrier.

He would finish Steamboat off by jumping off the top rope again, this time with a ring bell. Steamboat would go on to get his revenge at Wrestlemania III but this moment will live on in history as one of the most savage moments in Wrestling history.

2. Macho Man Turns On Hulk Hogan

After Savage won the WWF World Heavyweight Title (with Hogan’s help) the duo combined to become “The Mega Powers.” The two of the biggest wrestlers in the world at the time, Hogan and Savage would face the likes of Andre The Giant, Ted Dibiase, Akeem, and the Big Boss Man. However, just like in real life, a woman can come between a friendship. Savage felt like Hogan was jealous of him being the world champ and wanted his ole lady, Miss Elizabeth. The Mega Powers ended when on an episode of Saturday Nights Main Event, Macho Man beat Hogan in the medical area with his championship belt.

3. Randy Savage’s Hits The Ultimate Warrior With His Scepter

No longer the WWF Champion, The now Macho King Randy Savage was feening for a title shot. After being denied by the new champion, the Ultimate Warrior, he would get his revenge. In a championship match between Warrior and challenge, Sgt. Slaughter, Savage would interfere by hitting Warrior with a Royal Scepter, causing him to lose. 

4. The Macho King Tries To Makes Sapphire Kiss His Feet

Ok, let me first say keep your hands off of women. especially Black Women. However, this was yet another Savage moment by the Macho Man. In a feud with fellow legend, Dusty Rhodes, Savage and his valet, Sensational Sherri would attack and berate Rhodes valet, Sapphire. Savage would attempt to try to make Sapphire kiss is royal feet but she is saved by Dusty.

5. Randy Savage Wins The WWF Title By Defeating 4 Men In One Night

At Wrestlemania IV, Savage would be 1 of 14 men in a tournament to become the Undisputed WWF Champion. Savage would go on to defeat The Natural” Butch Reed, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and the One Man Gang on his way to the finals. In the Championship match, he would face The Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase and have to deal with Andre The Giant and Dibaise’s “manager” Virgil. Neither man could stop the Macho Madness as Savage would win and become WWF Champion