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Still don’t know what to wear for Halloween? Make a statement with your costume without breaking the bank or looking corny.

This year, costumes are all about mocking and paying homage to our favorite celebrities with lots of crazy styles!!!!

Check out 2009’s Top 5 Adult Halloween Costumes!!!!

Barack Obama-

You know you’re a dope president when you’re face is one of the top Halloween looks two years in a row!!! President Obama’s face is still a hot commodity this Halloween. Pair the Obama mask with your Easter suit from last year (I know you have one!), and BAM! you’ll have your Michelle in no time!

Michelle Obama-

Ladies, I know for a moment you’ve fantasized about being the First Lady (God knows I have!). Well for one day, you can pretend you are the one sharing a bedroom with the President! Throw on your mask, and your best pearls, and own the oval office! And if you’ve got a man in mind, match him up with the Barack Obama mask, and maybe you’ll be able to live out your fantasy after all!!!

Michael Jackson-

Rep the King of Pop with a pair of sequin socks, gloves, and a fedora, and moon walk for your life! Don’t forget to your high water pants, and jheri curl juice, just don’t get too close to florescent lights!!! Shemon!!!


Who wouldn’t want to be Prince? I mean, he’s Prince!!!! All that sexy purple, and booty exposure!!! Yummy! Plus, Prince always gets the best chicks anyway, so throw on your heels, and work it!


Aspire high, and become Barbie!!!! Get an oversized box, your favorite, divalicious outfit, and be the Barbie the child in you wants you to!

Diana Ross and The Supremes-

I know I use to dress up like Ms. Ross when I was a child, and now you can have backup, I mean, bandmates too!!!! Put on your best wig (or your favorite , fabulous aunt’s wig) and SURVIVE!