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Because of overcrowding problems and complaints from women that men were sexually harassing them, India set aside female only trains so women could ride comfortably

Problem is, some men would still sneak into the female only coaches, causing problems.

To combat this, An all female police task force was created in New Delhi to find and punish men who dared press their luck.

Now if a man is caught on a train reserved for women, he will literally get the sh*t slapped out of him by the female cops and train passengers.

Gurgaon police commissioner S Deswal, who led a recent raid told News.Com.AU: “We found many male passengers in the women’s coach. The moment the women saw us, they got the courage to teach the men a lesson. “We want our young girls and women to feel confident and safe while travelling in the metro.”

In addition to getting b*tch slapped, the men are further humiliated by being forced to do squats and push ups. They must also pay a fine of 250 rupees ($A5.50).

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