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In celebration of his move back to his hometown of Minneapolis, Prince debuted a brand new song on Minnesota Public Radio station 89.9 FM, The Current.

Ladies and gentleman, you are about to witness a long-time Prince fan turn in his purple membership.


While it’s light years better than that other song he put out this year,”Cause And Effect” is not messing with other great Prince guitar jams like “Let’s Go Crazy,” “Endorphinmachine,” or even “Guitar” from the Planet Earth album.

With every new song and album he releases, I start to feel like he should just shut down his studio, marry another Puerto Rican beauty, and retire to Hawaii.  Even his live performances these days have gotten boring, predictable, and remind me more and more of an oldies act trying to stay relevant as opposed to the trailblazing, game changing performances he’s been known for up until his last major tour 6 years ago.

It’s gotten to a point where I dread hearing that he’s got a new song to premiere because I’m left wondering “how bad is it gonna be?” instead of the usual “how great is this gonna be?” of years past.

And while he’s playing the bejeezus out of the guitar on this song, it’s as forgettable as the entirety of his 3-CD Target stores exclusive set MPLSound/Lotusflow3r/Elixir, which remains the only Prince project that I’ve never even bothered to spend money on.

Oh well, Mr. Prince Rogers Nelson.  It’s been a fun ride, and I’d love to stick around, but this is where I gett off.

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