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1. A Nice Personality

A nice, pleasant and good-looking man is always liked by women. Most of the women prefer stylish, organized and sober men over ill-organized and non-serious ones. A lot of initial attraction of women depends on the physical appearance of men.

2. Character Is The Key

A sound character is the key to a long-lasting relationship. The most important and foremost aspect for a woman’s liking to a man is his character. An honest, trustworthy and sincere man is always in demand in the feminine world.

3. Strong And Muscular

Most of the women find attracted towards strongly built, brawny men. A woman needs protection in this world where the fittest is supposed to survive and a strong man can give her the best possible protection but it is not a compulsory rule.

4. A Smile Is Precious

A nice and balanced manly smile is always a huge turn on for women. If you really want to impress a beautiful woman then a nice smile can be your best weapon.

5. Look Natural Than Artificial

The beauty of a man is in his masculine appearance. The beauty of a man lies in his natural look instead of a waxed body served with pedicure and manicure. Look natural and get the women of your dreams love you.

6. Be Confident and In Control

Women like men with confidence and drive. Confident men with explorative nature are liked by women as they provide innovations in relationship. Majority of women like to be controlled during sex as well.

7. A Nice Sense Of Humor Always Pays

A nice and pleasant sense of humor combined with intelligence is always a huge relationship enhancer. Men with pleasing and enjoyable sense of humor always find a long queue of women waiting for them. They are never alone.

8. Women Adore Kid-Lovers

The list of qualities about “What women find attractive in men” is always incomplete without their adoration for the kid-lovers. Women always like the men who find it easy to make up with kids. Women consider such men extremely loving, passionate and affectionate.

9. Too Much Drinking or Smoking Is Bad

Excessive smoking or drinking causes dangerous diseases and thus serves as a mammoth turn off for 99% of the women. They cause deterioration in health. Occasional drinking and smoking is not bad but excess of everything is bad.

10. Women Love Hardworking Men

Women also find an admiration for hard-working men. Being able to work hard is one quality which guarantees success in any field of life and success is always a turn on for all ladies.