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If a woman is seeking guaranteed excitement and fulfillment, she’ll have to discover what she wants from her lovemaking and how to make it happen. Once she’s done that, she’ll have the ability to turn humdrum, everyday sex into really good sex, and really good sex into outstanding sex.

The more a woman enjoys sex, the more her partner will enjoy having sex with her. Many women have told me, “We don’t want to take control or be in control of initiating sex, but we do want to indulge in good lovemaking.” Women believe strongly that the excitement of having sex with a man is that he takes control and he pursues her in a dominating, not controlling way”. Sometimes it’s very arousing to play the helpless role and make a man feel that “he’s having his way.” Submissive can be sexy when its positive. Maybe this doesn’t sound as good as we think it should, but it sure is wholesome. These days a woman can have her cake and eat it too. If she’s the kind of woman who enjoys her lover’s dominance in bed, there are ways to encourage him to act in a way that will ensure he gives and she gets all the stimulation and the satisfaction she’s entitled.

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    Women now live in a world of sexual equality, and it has long been recognized that a woman’s sexual needs are just as great as those of a man. It’s no use ignoring the truth. Men who misbehave in a sexually assertive manner sexually arouse many women. Maybe, not all of the time, but that depends on the man, who he is in her life, what kind of relationship they have, and whether or not she’s sleeping with him. There’s no question that sex is a fundamental part of what makes a man physically attractive to a woman, but women want to participate equally in their sexual encounters. They no longer want to be treated as sex objects even though they want to be the object of his sexual desire.