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One of the greatest desires and even challenges in life is the idea and subject of relationships. The heart of man and woman was made to desperately be in union with the opposite sex. In other words, the heart of human was never meant to be alone. However, this is also one of the most popular topics in understanding how exactly to achieve this long lasting, fulfilling and meaningful relationship.

It is a difficult task merging lives and people together, especially when they come from all different walks and roads of life. The foundation however of the heart and desire for relationship is that every human being really has been made or created to be loved. In other words, everyone wants to be loved, valued, known, understood and desired.

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    A sure way to care about, understand, get to know and value a person is to build a true, genuine, honest and sincere friendship. There is a foundation in friendship that tends to be more selfless, giving, understanding and even graceful. In a lot of ways it’s even less of a treat to getting hurt, expectations, failures and disappointments. When a friendship is able to be built and established it allows the spirit of freedom to dictate your actions, heart and even words therefore enabling you to be yourself. Often times the hardest feet in relationships is being free to be you. There are expectations from various sources that cause us to attempt to be someone else or at least think we have to. These expectations cause us to look different, act different and almost alter the true identity of who we are. The idea however of a true friendship wipes these other standards away and allow two individuals to truly engage and care about their histories, hobbies, hearts and dreams for the future. This foundation of simple and honest friendship is the best place to start and begin any romantic relationship. It’s also a great time to really know if you are compatible with the other person on a deeper level than friendship.

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    After venturing through the friendship stage and obviously feeling a green light into the romantic involvement, the next best pillar of a long lasting relationship is communication. It’s imperative to feel the freedom and honestly to be vulnerable in communication about your feelings, hurts, misunderstandings and intentions. The area of communication is probably one of the largest and widespread areas that cause the deepest conflict and misunderstanding within the relationship between two people. Many of the problems that dating couples face could be eliminated and greatly reduced by the simple understand and willingness to learn and practice the art of communication.

    This idea of communication also holds the greatest potential to create a deep, meaningful and lasting relationship that withstands trials and grows stronger because of them.

    The simple solution and great teacher for all those who desire the enjoyment of long lasting relationships really is the friendship and communication models. Another great way to find these values is through online match making tools. They will help pair those who are compatible and those who are not.