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Learn the concept of space

Women tend to get a little overbearing with their men without actually knowing that they are doing that. If you have been acting clingy or have been making your man give up on his “me” time then stop. Respect his space and he will not feel the need to be disloyal.

Don’t treat him like a child

Women have a maternal instinct in them that makes them very nurturing and caring. But, things go a little overboard when you take this instinct a little too seriously and start acting like a mom with him. Caring for him is fine but don’t treat him like a child if you want him to be loyal to you.

Pay attention to his needs

You need to learn to pay attention to his needs. Treat him like you love him and that you hold him as an equal. When his feelings are respected and when he is understood by the woman he loves the need to seek happiness and validation elsewhere ceases.

Tell him that you appreciate him

You need to tell him that you appreciate him. Like you wouldn’t want him to take the small little insignificant things that you do for him for granted, he doesn’t want that too. Show your appreciation towards him and he will truly cherish you.

Associate value with him

Show him that you value him and that his presence makes a difference in your life. Instead of pointing out his faults tell him of all the things that are nice about him and the amount of difference he has made to your life.

Show interest in his hobbies

Your man will always be faithful to you if you take interest in things that he likes to do. So for your relationships sake make an effort to watch a game with him. Sometimes even demonstrating that you are making an effort by simply reading up about his hobby and talking to him about it is enough.

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