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Signs of the coming tongue lashing will be evident in a snappy attitude that appears to arrive out of the clear blue sky. If before you guys went to work everything was fine and then when she gets home you can fill the tension as she walked into the house. The first thing you need to do is press pause on all of your prior engagements because you see that your woman needs to get something off of her chest.

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    Next don’t rush in to help to early especially if you are currently trying to be consistent in taking care of the small tasks she has been constantly asking you to do. If you attempt to help while she is upset you may become the primary focus of her female wrath. So make sure all the little things are done, or at least attempt to get them done she may see you trying to ease the atmosphere and this make work in your favor.

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    Do not leave the house she may not say anything, but you leaving will appear to her as an act of severe inconsideration and this will simply intensify her anger. The best thing to do will be to hang out around the house. Now every woman has a certain look that says (I just need a hug, laugh, or an ear to talk to). When this look arrives and the smoke settles then you ease in.

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    This is important don’t start playing Dr. Phil; simply ask in a low tone (Honey would you like to talk) this statement is golden. It shows sincere concern and it lets her know you are willing to listen to whatever it is she has weighing on her heart.

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    Once she starts to talk this is where your male body language has to match the look in HER EYES. Lean in elbows on your knees and have your eyes fixed on her mouth. Remove all phones and answer no doors it’s time for you to be HER MAN. Oh yes most importantly do not attempt to answer her rhetorical questions she doesn’t want answers she wants you to just listen. Furthermore do not cut her off even if you do have the right answer, keep it until a later date.

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