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The media seems to be startin’ somethin’ when it comes to the latest news of Marlon Wayans getting the role in the Richard Pryor biopic. Mrs Pryor is a little peeved with Mike Epps.

The following quote was posted online by Richard Pryor’s wife Jennifer.   Apparently, Mike Epps did something to her:

“Poor B*tch …

He got his ass so fired from me and Richard Pryor project and now he is trying to go around talking sh*t, saying he’s doing the Richard Pryor project … motherf*cker better watch his punk, country ass  … it’s gonna get royally sued if he wants to play this game! My lawyers are ready and waiting!!!

He said at Richard’s funeral: ‘I don’t know Richard …’

That was the only honest moment and thing that came out of this punkass’ mouth … he doesn’t have a clue who Richard is or was, never will.”

Good Lord! Would you believe she’s just getting’ started? Click over for MORE. Also, while there, check out the interview where Epps is asked about Marlon Wayans getting the role to play Richard. Let’s just say his response is far from funny.