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CHIVALRY: Clichés exist for a reason. It’s a simple concept – manners. Pull out that chair, please. Eye contact during conversation. No phone calls or texting at dinner. Hold the door. The jaded women of today are thirsty for chivalry. This should be an easy one to master – and it’s free.

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    HUMOR: Women surveyed on attracts them to men often cite sense of humor. Everyone has a light-hearted, funny side. Keep the jokes clean and respectful.

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  • FLOWERS: Even the $5 dollar ones. Trust me. It works everytime.

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    HYGIENE: Keep it clean. Invest as much attention into your appearance as you would want us to. Short nails. Cologne. Clean clothes. Well groomed facial hair, if any. Fresh breath. Ta-da!

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    EMPLOYMENT: Employment of any kind is a basic necessity when it comes to impressing a lady. If you are looking to attract a woman you should know that security and stability are hard wired into our biology. Get motivated.

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    PAY ATTENTION: The reason this step is so important is because it is exceptional when a man listens to *and remembers* what women say. If you can remember our favorite drink, and order it for us at dinner, we will be truly impressed. If you ask us how our best friend Sandy is doing at her new job in Tallahassee, we will go wild.