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1/ My Ex-Boyfriend was a better lover

20 percemt of relationships end thanks to ladies and men who compare their present relationship with an older one.

Never compare your ex with your present boyfriend.. Even, if your ex-bf was such a great mad animal in bed, you should not compare it, or share it with your present lover.

A man needs to feel that he is the best lover that you have ever had.

If he does not know how to please you in bed then show him and teach him where and how you like to be touched and ask him to show you how and where he likes to be touched too that way you can both be perfect lovers for each other.

2/ You are just like your mother/father

Telling your lover that he is just like his mother or father is not a good thing to say to him. If your dear one does not adore his parents, it is not wise to compare him to them.  Nobody wants to hear that he has the same bad qualities as his parents. Of course many of the qualities are inherited.

Trying to change your partner would be a waste of time. You just need to tolerate his bad habits and enjoy his good ones.

3/ You forget about me

I believe every woman has had some experience of a man like this.

 Does he ever forget your birthday?, any important meeting with relatives?, Anniversary of your marriage? It is a well known fact, that man is more inclined to be  rational than emotional.

 Whenever there is something important for you emotionally he can easilly forget about that. All you can use are tricks to refresh his mind such as-remind him, that your friend is coming over for your birthday.

This cannot be changed. Men’s brains work on rational level, so we cannot blame that all the time.

4/ You are nothing without me

Telling to your man he is not good enough and that all that he does is a disaster.

 Even if you earn more money than him, there no need to say that to your man.

Do you have a car and your man is using it? Do not blame him for that.

Some men are still old school so they feel that they are the head of the familly.

5/ You are so boring

If you are living in relationship or marriage for 10 years, it might seems to you your partner boring. Mostly is not about being boring but rutine. You both got used to each other and not expect anything more from each other.

So the best that you can do is to spend some time together. Take a trip, go on a picnic, do something that you wouldnt do normally just be sure to share some time together.