By Phil McRee

       There is no real secret to keep your man happy. To women, men are a complicated machine. The truth is, it is actually very easy to keep a man happy. As much as they like to blow things up, fast cars, and danger, those things are icing on the cake. There are four basic guidelines that go a long ways in the attitude of men and what keeps your man happy and comfortable in his relationships. 

  1. Sex him up. It sounds base and odd to women, who can be totally happy without sex at all. But sex is more than an urge for men. It is deeply rooted in their psyche and directly influences their stress levels. It is definitely the number one step to take to keep your man happy.
  2. Step 2

    Give him an ego boost. As silly as it sounds, all men need to hear that they are wonderful. Women enjoy compliments too and it is not any different for men. They need to know women think they are strong, powerful, and good looking. Confidence is very important to men and sincere compliments go a long ways to keeping your man happy.

  3. Step 3

    Doll up. That may sound sexist, but it’s the truth, plain and simple. Men are creatures driven by what they see. It does not mean you have to look like a super model. Quite the contrary, in fact. He picked you out of all the women in the world because he loved you most of all. He wants you to be the girl he fell in love with. Chances are, when you first met and were dating you were paying a bit more attention to your appearance. Fixing your hair and putting on a little makeup is usually all it takes to remind him that he did indeed make the best choice.

  4. Step 4

    Be calm. Men are always cracking  jokes about nagging wives. They hate it. Of course there are times when women do need to bring something to their man’s attention, but tone of voice and choice of words can make a huge difference in the response a woman gets. It is a good rule of thumb to think before you speak. If you must criticize, do it constructively. You will find you have a happier man if you do.

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