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While Chilli claims things would be much different if she had dated Usher later in her life, the “There Goes My Baby” singer says he essentially found in Tameka what Chilli didn’t want — a family and marriage– years ago.

“What I expected and wanted from her wasn’t what she could give me at the time,” Usher confirmed on a recent airing of VH1 Behind The Music: Usher. “I actually talked about marriage and it didn’t work.”

Fresh off a divorce from Dallas Austin, the father of her son, Chilli was simply not ready for Usher’s goal of tying the knot and becoming a father — something he believes is a result of him not having his father around.

“We just had differences and unfortunately becuase of baggage that we all carry it just didn’t work out,” says Usher. “It was a relationship that just happened before its time.”

Chilli, agreeing, says her show “What Chilli Wants” would not exist if they had met later in their lives, telling VH1 “What Chilli Wants’ would be titled “What Chilli Has”. “This would be a different type of behind the music.”

As for his relationship with Tameka Foster, the woman he married years after his break up with Chilli and later divorced, Usher says Foster, his former stylist, understood where he was coming from and most important, knew where she stood in his life.

“We started out working together. We built a bond that was very healthy,” says Usher. “I felt that she not only understood my world but understood how to be in it.”